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Messenger 6 for Mac is now available

Messenger 6 is now available on MacTopia. I’m sure many of you will be unhappy to find out that it still does not have A/V support. However, Mary Starman has put up a blog post on Mac Mojo that outlines the scheduling and integration issues we’re working with.
The good news is that I can now publicly say that we are adding A/V support to a future release of Messenger for the Mac. I’ve personally seen the code and heard some of the status reports. I can’t speak about any sort of version or date of availability, but it is coming!

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There are a few things I’d like to point out
– I loved the fact that the Messenger Dock icon would change according to your status. but that feature has been removed since Messenger 5, i’m guessing that its because of the integration of two clients: LCS and MSN.
But I don’t understand why you had to do away with the feature. You could have a preference option to select which servive you want the dock icon to reflect the status of. The app could also be intelligent enough to do this on its own considering that most users will disable one of the two.
– Messenger doesn’t respect the ‘busy’ status. On Busy, the windows version does not display contact online popups and make sounds. this is perfectly reasonable and I don’t understand why the mac version doesn’t do it either.
-Tooltips on contacts could be more descriptive. When the window isn’t wide enough to display a contacts entire nickname + personal message, this is where a tooltip would come in handy. Currently, it only displays the user’s email which isn’t very helpful. I need to make the window larger to view it. Can’t the screen tip look more like the windows version?
i.e. Nickname
Personal Message
These are all little little things that go a long way towards making a better quality product.

Hi, Schwieb. This post was 2 months ago. Time for a new one? I hope you’re not going to make us wait until after MacWorld when you point us to whatever MacBU has just announced publicly. I know everything you’re working on is under NDA but maybe you can come up with an intersting-titbit-from-the-past, or something? We blog-readers want to know! And I have better hopes from you than from Rick, who may not come up for air for another 6 months or so…

Sorry Paul… It’s been time for a new post for way too long. I’ve been so busy at work and at home that I haven’t had the time or inclination to sit in front of the computer at home for several hours to compose anything. See the blog front page for some more timely stuff, now.
And I’ll try to dredge up some tidbits soon… 🙂

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