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Busy busy busy

Hello everyone… My apologies for being away for so long — there’s a lot going on at work (some of which I’ll talk about in my next post) and a lot going on at home, so I haven’t had the time or the inclination to sit down in front of a computer in the evenings. In any case, I’m still here, still employed with the MacBU, and still working on Mac Office 12.

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Forget the intel port for now, just get the new XML converters out (at least in beta form) before the end of Jan 2007. I think that this should be the MacBU priority number 1 (see my longer comment on the Mac Mojo blog).

Excellent. Hope Office 12 is going well. The #1 feature that I want soooooo badly is tooltip language translation. I hope that makes it over.

In Word 12 for Windows, there are tooltip translations. That is thru, a context menu, you can choose what language to translate a word. So let’s say you’re reading a French word doc and have selected English translations. Anytime you move your mouse over a word, a tooltip will popup with the definition.
I think Word 12 ships with French and Spanish. I wish it had German without the need for the multilingual kit. I’m not sure if Office Mac offers a multilingual kit.
Since I read Word docs in other languages all the time, I would love to have this. 🙂

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