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Message received loud and clear

I will be leaving the full text of my posts in the RSS feed. I definately don’t want to lose readers in exchange for minimal statistics.
I’ve rerouted the RSS feed through FeedBurner — that will give me plenty of data.  Please let me know if you have any problems reading via syndication.

3 replies on “Message received loud and clear”

It looks like the link to the feedburner RSS feed doesn’t allow auto-detect from within NetNewsWire. Simply copying the link and adding a new Feed in NNW does the trick though 🙂

Hmm. It’s all supposed to be a transparent redirect (.htaccess) from the old URL to the new one. Did you not see the new post automagically? Anyone else having any problems?

I should have been more specific. No problem using the old URL for the RSS feeds. They still work like a charm. On the other hand, if I open your page in NetNewsWire, I never see the RSS logo on the bottom of the NNW window allowing me to subscribe directly. The auto-detection fails.
OmniWeb and Safari manage to properly auto-detect the feed though.

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