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You may have noticed that all the permalinks just changed. I know, I know, perma wasn’t so permanent was it? I made the change so that I could tell which posts were beinng read the most. Seeing “blog/archives/14” doesn’t help me remember if that was the Messenger, localization, or Cocoa post.
I’m considering changing the RSS feed to excerpts, so that I can see who hits the site with a browser to read the full post. Will that annoy people? Let me know if you like or don’t like the idea.

6 replies on “New permalinks”

Sorry, but it’d annoy me. I’m definitely interested in reading your posts, but it’s far easier to read things from within NetNewsWire than to switch to Safari to do it. I tend to avoid reading weblogs that don’t have full-text feeds.

I agree – totally annoying.
People who subscribe to the feed read the whole post, so I don’t even understand why you’d do this.
Please keep the feed full-text, else I’ll be forced to unsubscribe.

In most cases, I won’t keep a feed in my news reader unless the feed is full-text. If I do keep a feed that has excerpts (which isn’t likely, but I do have a few), I don’t even read the excerpt, I just skim the headlines occasionally.
It looks like you’d lose readers in exchange for detailed statistics – doesn’t sound like a good trade to me.

I’m a full-text feed kinda guy. I to enjoy reading your posts but having to make that a two-step process (1: read excerpt to see if I’m interested, 2: launch browser to continue reading) would be annoying. I too generally only subscribe to full-text feeds.

I tried doing excerpts on my blog – people were majorly unhappy & I changed it back.
As regards to, I’ll likely read every article here anyway, however they’re available, as they’re all well written and an interesting insight into MacBU and development. I really don’t mind if it requires another click to open the full browser!

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