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I went back to work for the first time today in over 5 weeks. I updated my G5 and my Intel iMac to the latest Office source code and did a full developer debug build. Well, actually, my iMac did a full build; the G5 was about 60% done when I left. It’s amazing how much faster the iMac is.
Anyway, I was very surprised to see how little commentary my Cocoa post generated. I’ve been playing with some simple stats plugins, and it looks like lots of people have subscribed to my RSS feed (114 feed hits in the last 90 minutes) but I received almost three times as much feedback on my Messenger post. Interesting. (Oh, and jhawk28, I spent lots of time in Middlebury!)
Rick Schaut showed me his entry on bad code today before he posted it. I saw the ambiguity in about 5 seconds, but that’s because it was very carefully contrived. The best part of his particular example is that neither CodeWarrior nor Xcode give any sort of warning that you’ve written Dumb Code. While this example may have been easy to spot, it gets very tricky for devs to hold a mental map of more than a few dozen lines of code in their head. Spotting similar errors when one function is perhaps inlined in a header and another function that interacts with it is at the bottom of a 3000 line source file somewhere else is nigh impossible without actually running the code under the debugger.
Now that I’m back at work, I expect to be blogging less frequently. Please do keep the comments coming; I like to hear from you.

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I’d just like to say that I enjoy your weblog and would like to see more entries! Regarding the Cocoa debate: To me it’s very strange that there are two frameworks to begin with. It would have made sense to have Carbon as the underlying framework and build Cocoa on top of that. But I guess Cocoa was inherited from Next. For the moment, Carbon seems to do the job for me, although it’s absolutely necessary to wrap it in a framework to make it somewhat easier to use — just like Win32. 🙂

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