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Update on the ephemeral Office 11.3.1 Update

I’ve just put up some more information on Mac Mojo about the Office X and 2004 update that the MacBU released and promptly removed from MacTopia last week.
The short version is: there is no urgent need to uninstall the patch because we’ll release a new patch by the end of this week to fix everything up.

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It would be nice if the 11.3.1 update would also fix the RTF 1.8 support since cross-platform editing of RTF between Mac and Win Word broke when Win Word upgraded to RTF 1.8 (in a security update!).

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see that the 11.3.3 update appears to have fixed the RTF issues I reported back in mid-October. In looking back at my original sample files that I submitted (SRX061010603181), it’s looking good, really good! Thanks.

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