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The Daring Fireball Effect

For my first major post in a very long time, I wrote about VB’s return in the next major version of Mac Office. The press release about it went live at 12:01am PST, and I put my post up a few minutes later. Check out the page hits that Mint tracked for me today:
Page hits on my blog today
From 5pm to midnight, I was getting my usual 5 or so hits per hour. (The ‘spikes’ between 9 and 10pm were from me viewing my own site to check some CSS tweaks.) After the post went live and daylight came to Europe, site hits perked up into the upper 20s per hour, and when the story was picked up by the various US-based online publications, jumped into the 200s per hour.
Then, somewhere shortly after 1pm Pacific time, John Gruber of Daring Fireball linked to my post, and everything jumped into the 700s. That’s actually not nearly as high as the hits I got from DF for my post in August 2006, but I switched to Mint only recently and don’t have those numbers anymore, so I can’t show them to you. I should probably install a caching plugin so John can’t knock my hosting site over

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And this should dispel any ideas inside MacBU that VBA isn’t important to people… here is the proof on your only blog – people are extremely interested in it and whether it will be in Mac Office again….
So its good news that VBA is coming back, but in an oh so painfully slow way… bit like your back really….

Nice job, Schwieb! That’s an unbelievably insane achievement for this blog. And to think I joined in time to witness this post’s content.

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