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New contact page

I’ve added a new ‘Contact Me’ page to the sidebar on the right. You can use it to send me a private email if you wish to make a comment that will not show up on the blog.
Hopefully I won’t get too much spam.

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The thing is (and I speak for myself), is that you have stopped blogging because you spend a LOT (really really a LOT) of time responding to the “French spaces guy”, I mean, I live in Chile and speak Spanish and I think I know what he means, (software in other languages is not always prime cut), but c’moooon…
Please go back a read your first bloggs, they are sweeet, go back to that, tell us about how did you figure out stuff, leak a little information ;-), make this blog what it used to be, a real life view of the MacBU, from a guy that just works there…

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my posts so far. Actually, the primary reason I haven’t been blogging so much in the last week or two is that I finished my parental leave and have been back at work full-time. When I started blogging, I was staying up until 3 or 4am feeding my newborn daughter every 2-3 hours, which left me lots of time to write. I’m now going to bed at 11pm and getting up at 7am. I really only have between 8pm and 11pm to write anything, and actually less time than that when my daughter is awake.
But, I do have a few posts rumbling around in my head. I never did write up anything on assembly, and a few people have asked about what it’s like to work in the MacBU, so hopefully I can get some of that written down. Hang in there!

Looking forward to more 🙂 I’d love to hear about what it’s like to work in the MacBU. Will Microsoft’s acquisition of iView bring their development staff into MacBU (obviously to work on iView)?

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