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Mac Office 2008 Sneak Peek

We’ve just launched the Mac Office 2008 Sneak Peek site, with short video clips and descriptions of a bunch of new features in Mac Office 2008. The video clips are a little small, but they should give you a good idea of the new UI (more adoption of common OS X UI elements, extensive use of Core Graphics) including the new Elements Gallery and some Word and Excel features. Nadyne has just put up some commentary on how the design of the Elements Gallery evolved out of the Win Office ribbon and some of our own internal User Experience testing. Some of the other folks I work with in the MacBU will be posting to Mac Mojo over the next few days talking about their work in designing, developing, and testing the new capabilities.
On a more personal note, I’ve not posted here in a very long time. As you might imagine, I’ve been very busy at work over the last several months, with more to do before Office 2008 becomes available in January. Instead of blogging, I’ve been spending my free time at home playing with my kids and doing small fixit projects (I replaced two faucets over the weekend so that my son could reach the handles and turn on the water by himself.) I do hope to write more regularly soon.

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Thanks for putting up the new site. It’s the kind of thing that a lot of us have been asking for for a long time.
Unfortunately, the quality of the images are so poor that they are all but unintelligible. I can’t make out any of the text in the menus or anywhere else.
Could you please give us some pure screen captures that haven’t been scaled down?

Works fine for me in Safari 2, but fails in Firefox 2.006 on my Intel iMac at home. I’ve sent mail to folks at work about the Firefox problem. Separately, I know the server was under a very heavy load earlier today when we first announced the site. It should be better now.

Great to see a preview site up. The new my day thingy looky really cool. However it doesnt address any of the questions that users of particularly entourage want to know. Stuff like will the new version finally be able to read and save .pst files so people will be able to easily access their emails that they have generated using outlook. Some companies still do not allow macs to connect to their networks, let alone their exchange servers.

I have been reading a lot of published info on new Office for Mac. I even had a chance of a test drive in my friend’s comp.
I am a power-user of Excel and disappointed to see excel for mac still a generation below mac 2004. For example it still lacks graph function in pivot table. It does not have the advanced conditional formatting options of 2007. Although the theme colors are available in other office apps, it is not available in excel.
Just a wish list to your team – if you can still incorporate above.
Looking forward to your early release of 2008.

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