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And now for something completely different

Sorry for the lack of posts recently… I’m now on a relatively normal sleep cycle and don’t have much time to post in the evening after my son goes to bed before I do too.
On a completely non-work-related topic, my son starts pre-school tomorrow. He’s so excited! He keeps telling us about his ‘Mosori’ (2.5 yr old pronounciation of Montessori) school and how he’s going to take a nap there. We visited the school on Friday with him and met his summer teacher. My son was super excited until we made him come inside fromn the rain, at which point he threw a total tantrum. Royally embarassing for me and my wife, but the staff was very understanding. 🙂
I’m also taking my last two days off for parental leave this Monday and Tuesday, and then will be back to work full-time on Wednesday. It’s time to dive back into Xcode and finish the transition process.

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