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Long time no post

Sorry for the long delay in posting… When I went back to work a few weeks ago, I was still getting up at least twice in the middle of the night to feed my daughter. After a full day of work and playing with my son before his bedtime, I was absolutely exhausted by 9pm and pretty much crashed then. Now my daughter is down to eating only once during the night (!) but my son brought home his first cold from preschool and promptly gave it to my wife and me.
That was back on July 4th. I’ve had a cold since then, and a few days ago it got much worse. I had no energy, a bad cough, and my head hurt all the time — especially when I coughed or leaned over to pick up my son or daughter. I even took some time off of work because I felt so horrible. My wife finally told me to go see the doctor, and it turns out my cold turned into a sinus infection. Ugh. So now I’m on some massive antibiotics, and I’m finally starting to feel better. I have a post I’ve been mulling over for 3 weeks now, and hope to get it written up soon. I’ve got to have the energy to stay up past 10pm to get it done, though!

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We have two kids, and they regularly bring home all sorts of infections. The worst in my mind are the stomach flues. In Sweden there is a stomach flu by the name of “vinterkräksjukan” – winter vomiting illness. It is very contagious and lasts two to three days. It spreads like wild fire at kindergarten.

Ugh — I feel your pain. For some reason I’m very susceptible to sinus infections that have nasty consequences. The only thing that works for me (aside from anti-biotics) is Tylenol Sinus — the stuff is a life-saver.

These sort of posts are always kinda funny- especially when a couple of “I’m posting soon!” posts have huge gaps in them that don’t match the intent in the posts.
Don’t sweat it- write when you feel you have something interesting to say. 😉

I was just thinking about that, the last post on every blog that is no longer been updated is:
“Say tuned, I’m coming back soon”
I think it reflect the willing to keep alive something that is very hard to do, and that has no measurable rewards.
I do think keeping a blog like yours is VERY cool, but I also think that neglect a paying job or the family because of a blog is nonsense.

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