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I’m a procedural programmer at heart. I’m quite competent with C and C++, can cobble together something in Perl or Python, and dimly remember Pascal. However, I’ve only dabbled at a bare minimum in HTML over the years since running a trivial web site on my Mac IIsi in college. So here I am now, futzing with the php and css pages for the WordPress theme I’m using. I wanted to get the XML feed icon on the sidebar, instead of using text in the footer. Looks like I got it to work, but it took me a while. Thank goodness for Transmit and TextWrangler, which let me edit files transparently over FTP.

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WordPress is an extremely flexible platform. You can really easily customize the blogging engine any way you want.
Instead of playing around with the php files, you could also have used the “Subscribe me plugin for WordPress” though ( ). The plugin automatically provides links for RSS or for whatever Feed-tracking website you might want to use (NewsGator, Yahoo, BlogLines…). Placing the links in the sidebar is then a trivial matter 🙂

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